As iPod cases get wackier by the day, the latest promises to offer something a little extra for all those sinners out there.

The PodStar iPod nano silicone case available at comes in four different flavours. Customers can choose from The Abyss, The Dark Lord, Legion or the Crimson Avenger!

Made from silicone, each iPod nano case has cut outs for the click wheel and a clear vinyl screen protector, as well as a neck strap.

However where these cases differ is the inclusion of some devil horns and tail. Each case also comes with a dog tag with a unique serial number, so no two iPod cases are the same.

Although the company promoting the cases are keen to promote the temptation of Christ and Easter in its marketing efforts, we can't help feel that pegging their efforts around Valentines along with all those Clinton Card stuffed toys might have been a better bet.