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(Pocket-lint) - Two companies have separately released cutting edge iPod accessories.

The first is the iPod Bra that wait for it, keeps you "abreast of music".

First there was the iPod Boxer shorts, now comes saucy pod lingerie in the shape of the "ipopBra", the latest accessory for the popular iPod and other MP3 players.

The new bra incorporates a concealed pocket for your iPod or MP3 player and control buttons built into the fabric. Available in white or black and in cup sizes ranging from A to F, the ipopBra has been designed so you can keep the smallest of gadgets right next to your biggest assets.

The ipopBra is available exclusively from www.popXpress.com, its Liverpool Street and Piccadilly stores - the UK's leading iPod and MP3 accessory outlet and will retail for £29.95 inc. VAT.

The second is from GEAR4 and called the iRon for the iPod. An iron with built in iPod docking station so you can “Steam Your Tunes”. The iRon uses the iPod's battery for power and the steam jets are controlled by the tunes playing on the iPod.

Thanks to GEAR4's unique “SteamTempo” technology, the jets spray in time to the music - fast, bass heavy tunes producing more steam and softer music providing less.

The iRon is shipped with a software plug-in for all colour screen iPods which allows the iPod's screen to display the water level, temperature and remaining battery life. The iRon's clear, high fidelity sound is delivered through two 6W stereo speakers mounted on the body.

Shipped with its own stylish, 100% polyester travel case, the iRon takes up less room in your overnight bag than a real iron and doesn't require batteries or recharging.

The iRon is available through all usual GEAR4 outlets, and online at Gear4's store www.gear4store.com.

April fools anyone?

Writing by Stuart Miles. Originally published on 1 April 2006.