The people at SIS - Science in Sport - have long been filling sports bottles of budding athletes. Now they want you to take them to bed as well.

That's right, it's Nocté time. Yes, it sounds like a coffee, but it's actually something to help you recover from your exertions whilst you sleep. No, I know it's Friday, but please stopping giggling at the back - this is not a postcoital recovery drink! (Well it could be - Ed)

According to SIS's dedicated website (, “Nocté contains lactalbumin the highest naturally occurring tryptophan content of any protein. Evening intake of lactalbumin has been shown to improve sleep and morning alertness”.

As this is a sports recovery drink, readers will not be surprised to read that it contains a blend of protein, vitamins and minerals aimed towards promoting and maintaining restful sleep, without disturbing the body's natural balance.

It contains a good dose of zinc, which is often cited as an immune system booster, and also recommended for those trying to have children, as it is supposed to help your little chaps swim strong. So perhaps it's not so far from the ultimate after-sex drink.

The protein is formulated to be slow release, so you don't have a protein spike and slump during the nights - as regular exercisers will know, after a heavy session and a good sleep, you often awake ravenous. Of course, your body has been looking for sources of nutrients. Perhaps a hit of Noché at bedtime will keep you away from the bacon sarnies and see you back on your ride in quicker time.

SIS are highly rated in the sports nutrition world, and Nocté sits logically alongside their range of sports fuel and recovery drinks. Nocté comes in chocolate or vanilla flavours, and retails at £1.50 a packet. Perhaps we should leave Horlicks to the pipe and slippers brigade, it's time from some proper late-night drinking action.