A forum is just a place where people with shared interests just meet up, online, and talk about nonsense, right? Well, TriTalk, one of the world's largest triathlon forums are taking things a step further.

TriTalk has been something of a success in forum and sporting terms. It caters to the triathlon end of the spectrum, from novices up to repeat Ironman competitors. Unlike the plethora football forums, this is something special, as it also sees input from professionals, world champions, race winners - the celebrities in the sport.

The forum has grown to the extent where it decided to launch its own range of kit - a common move for a physical triathlon club, but more risky when all your members could be kids, or trolls, or more importantly, members of other clubs. The forum isn't the first to do this, the Runner's World forum have also had a foray into producing their own “Pirates” kit.

So what is the difference? Well, friends of the forum of course. The kit has been produced in association with Planet-X who appear as the major sponsors. With other sponsors onboard, the kit looks like it should adorn a pro athlete. The kit was recently launched at the TCR show in Sandown, with forum regular Hywel Davies wearing the new tri top whilst breaking the 50km treadmill world record.

Pocket-lint has got its hands on a TriTalk trisuit, and will be putting it through its paces. The range includes trisuits, triathlon separates, and biking gear. However, before you head off to buy one, you might want to make sure that you are known on the forum - to avoid embarrassing race day conversations. At first glance, it's very impressive.