ASICS have teamed up with Dartfish gait analysis software and are offering free gait anaylsis to runners around the UK.

The team will be running a series of events round the country, allowing runners of all abilities to book places, and turn up for assessment. It doesn't cost a thing, but if you are a serious runner, or looking to run more in the future, this is the ideal place to start gathering information.

As the website tells us: "70% of UK runners over pronate while running, over pronation can lead to a variety of sports injuries and reduces your biomechanical efficiency. At ASICS our sports scientists have spent years developing a wide range of footwear for varying degrees of pronation so that every runner can run in shoes tailored to their feet".

Dartfish gait analysis and consultations take approximately 20 minutes in total and once the assessment is complete they will provide you with a digital copy which walks you through the assessment, allowing you to see exactly how you run and how biomechanically efficient you are.

The assessors are not there to sell you shoes, although you can be confident in the range that ASICS provides. If you take your current running shoe to the assessment, it will enable to experts to offer the best advice.

Head over to their


and see if an event is being run in your area.