LewisKit have launched a funky new 2006 range of fashion clothing designs.

LewisKit is a small company aimed at the après-triathlon crowd, so their kit all has a distinct triathlon feel to it, but recognising the individual components to the sport. The Hate Swimming t-shirt reflects a sentiment muttered by many an athlete.

According to the website, the weather did them no favours when it came to the photoshoot, but customers might disagree - the ladies range found under herKit is especially easy on the eye.

LewisKit also offer some technical gear - the merino wool socks are exceptionally warm and comfortable (we know, we have some), ideal for riding and running in the winter, and in this especially nippy spring.

The hisKit range also has some original designs that will stand-out in any crowd and is what the best dressed triathletes should be wearing this season. Readers of Dad Blog will be pleased to hear there is even a section for the little person in your life.

Pop over to the LewisKit website and grab something funky, prices from £20 for the adult range.