Archos has launched the Archos AV700 TV what it is claiming is the world's first portable digital TV receiver and recorder that combines portable video recorder (PVR) functionality, two antennas and two DTT (Digtial Terrestrail Television) tuners all in one box for viewing on the move.

If that wasn't enough the player features a built-in DVR for recording digital TV directly to the device in MPEG2 TS and offers an EPG to make scheduled recordings as long as you've got reception.

Get past all the three letter acronyms and the company has packed out the handheld device with a 7-inch screen and 40GB hard disk to record 35 hours of TV or 400,000 photos.

The two antennas, aren't so you can watch two programmes at once, but merely to boost performance and work in parallel to each other.

Users will also be able to preset up to five different locations such as home, office, playpen so you don't have to retune the device all the time.

The AV700 will be available in May and cost around £400.