Japanese engineers have created a robot that resembles a koi carp.

The $256,000, 31-inch, 12kg fish has a white body with bright red spots and is controlled via remote control.

Capable of replicating the same movement as the real fish by using one of its five motors. The robotic koi is also able dive by switching the weight inside itself. It is also able to swim in reverse and rotate on the spot.

The robot is Ryomei Engineering's fifth in a line of fish robots that includes a sea bream, a prehistoric coelacanth, and a golden carp.

New features added to the robotic koi include a CCD camera built into the head and sensors for analysing water quality.

Unfortunately we can't seem to ascertain why someone has made a robotic fish other than for the reason of being able to make a robotic fish.

Additionally the fish holds the Guinness World Record for Most Lifelike Robot Fish.

We will keep you posted.


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