Griffin, makers of the iTrip radio, a device that allow you to transmit music to a nearby radio from you iPod, launched a device that allows you to do the same for your PSP.

The new device, strangely enough, called the iTrip PSP bolts securely onto the bottom of the PSP, without adding bulk to the player.

The added extra offers an easy to read display and sends audio right to your radio whether it is a movie, music or the latest game.

The company has also launched the iFM PSP, a radio and remote for PSP.

The iFM Radio Tuner and Remote Control integrates FM radio tuning and remote control functionality to the PSP, all in a tiny enclosure. It features a large LED screen for FM tuning, a pass-through port for headphones, and a clip to attach it to your clothes.

The integrated remote includes essential controls for easy media playback and functionality.

Using the single button switch, listeners can enjoy their favourite FM stations or control music right off their PSP.

Both devices cost $49.99 and should be coming to the UK sometime soon.