Your average GPS unit just got a bit more colourful with the launch of a new system that comes with a range of face plates to suit the interior of your car.

The new models by Navigon and Novogo are apart of its V series and come with a selection of vibrant coloured front plates that can coordinate with any car interior.

Users will get a choice of coloured front plates in either black, green, silver, orange, purple or blue.

Software features include speed limit warning, showing the speed limit of the road you are taking with an audio warning, voice guidance with loudspeaker and a removable and re-chargeable Li-ion battery, suction mounted docking kit and a remote controller

The A SERIES will offer up to 6 hours of constant navigation, is equipped with over 400 voice instructions and clear 3D maps.

Interestingly the software displays the real road signposts on-screen approaching each road section.

The V series will cost £279 and the A series £249. Both units are available now.