Seiko will be auctioning for charity on eBay the world's first ever electronic ink watch.

The watch goes on sale on the 19 March till the 25 March and all money raised in the sale will go to the charity Help A London Child.

Called the Spectrum, the limited edition (only 500 are being made) watch features a microcapsule-type Electrophoresis display module, offering a thin flexible design that could bend around your wrist.

It incorporates a microcapsule-type Electrophoresis display module which is the result of a joint development effort, combining "Electronic Ink" technology developed by E Ink Corporation in the USA and SEIKO Epson's advanced display manufacturing and electronic circuitry techniques.

What that means to you and me is that its highly contrast face means that you can wrap it around a bangle rather than having to have a flat face.

The model features touch-sensitive buttons, which require no physical force (to push the button in). Simply touching the area around the button with the tip of your finger can activate the sensor to carry out any operation of the watch.

When originally launched last year, the company put a £1000 price tag on it.