One thing is certain in cycling circles - what you wear is who you are.

This is true for roadies, sporting the latest team replicas, no matter how foolish they might be. Just one look at the Tour and you'll see a highstreet fashion crisis that riders will be waiting to lap-up. Whether it's a warped sense of irony, or a great joke from the pro-cyclist sponsors, I don't know.

Of course, it's about getting noticed.

Foska are doing their bit for fashion with some original designs on their biking and running kit. The range covers the bizarre choices of Fuller's London Pride, London A-Z and Colman's Mustard and Marmite, for example.

Also popular are the national flags - England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales, which can be seen on many a cyclist.

The range of designs also comes on water bottles, and you have the option in most cases of running vest, freeride top, road bike top and training jacket sporting that funky design.

The range can be found in various bike shops, but you can always visit their website at


Pocket-lint have got their hands on some Foska gear and are giving it a thorough testing - so check back on the site soon for some reviews.