Bond fans expecting the latest 007 movie to be another gadget fest will be sorely disappointed according to reports online.

A report on Yahoo's entertainment section suggest that Bond fans can:

“Forget the gadgets, invisible cars and exploding space stations … There'll be no computer-generated imagery.”

Director Martin Campbell also said “there is no 'Q', no 'Moneypenny' and only 'a little bit of gadgetry', in the movie”

The article goes on to say that Co-producer Michael Wilson of EON Productions said the invisible car in "Die Another Day" had begun to dip the hugely successful movie series into the realm of the unbelievable.

The next James Bond, Casino Royale is out November this year and promises to feature pure grit, real stunts and a spy who fumbles a kill, falls in love and dislikes violence.

Earlier this year the films producers announced that Bond's new car for the film would be the new Aston Martin DBS as well as the more classic looking DB5, first seen in Goldfinger and then Thunderball.

At the time of the announcement, the produces said that although the car first used over 40 years ago would be back after Bond wins it in a poker game, it would be minus all the gadgetry.

It looks like fans expecting plenty of gadgets will have to do with just action instead.