Whether you are a sportsman in training, or just an avid walker who likes to know where they have been, then SportTracks might be right up your street - literally.

Whatever system you use - if you can connect it to a PC to download data, there is a good chance that you can use SportTracks to view and manipulate your data. In this way, if you train with a GPS device, the software can become your training diary.

At Pocket-lint we have been using the Garmin 301 for some time - the unit ships with Training Centre software - but SportTracks is a tempting alternative, and a new version has just been released.

SportTracks can be downloaded from


for free. It comes in most languages, and you will have to have a PC, as Macs are not supported at the moment.

GoogleEarth seamlessly integrates with SportsTracks, so you can easily view and save your training runs and see where in the World you have been. You also get the standard option of viewing your route on a street map.

Once you have put in your personal data, SportTracks will calculate things like your calories used based on your heart rate and weight. It keeps running totals of your activities, as well as providing notes sections, options for detailing which equipment you used and so on.