The guys at Segway are obviously looking to expand in to new areas - and are looking to golfers around the world.

At one point whenever you mentioned Segway, you'd start a discussion about how walking was going to be a thing on the past, and within a few years, we'd all be “Segwaying” to work.

Things didn't quite turn out that way, but now Segway want to see what they can do on the golf course - enter the Segway GT, no, not Gran Turismo, but Golf Transporter. In a nutshell, a Segway that will carry your clubs.

One of the major selling points seems to be environmental - it uses softer tyres and according to the official figures, well result in less turf damage than the traditional Golf Buggy.

It will cover 10-14 miles on-course and travel at a speed of 12.5mph, making it a faster way to get about the green. The only disadvantage, of course, is that you miss out on that great low-impact aerobic exercise. Doh!

Compared to the standard buggy, you would need one for each player, plus it would not have space to carry your cucumber sandwiches or a flask of restorative tea. More seriously, if you are golfing in the sun, you have no shade.

Hopefully the Club House will provide them, but if you really want to own one, contact your local Segway dealer, and make sure you have a spare $5000. Head over to

for more info.