So you've been swept up by the marketing hype so much that you've gone out and bought a new iPod nano - even though your old iPod, now out of fashion of course, is still in perfect condition.

The trouble is that all those accessories you've accrued won't work with the iPod nano due to incompatible docking connectors. Money down the drain? Well not exactly.

In steps the uLink for iPod nano that costs £9.99 from
The small dongle lets you connect accessories that previously only worked with the 3rd and 4th generation iPods and the iPod mini to your iPod nano.

The uLink simply adapts the dock connector port and headphone jack into a socket that resembles that on the top of the older iPods.

Products such as the iRadio, old iTrip, iPod remote and iBeam will plug into the uLink and allow you to use them as normal, however owners of the Griffin iTalk or Belkin Voice Recorder for some reason can't benefit from the dongle's powers.