An American company has launched an ingenious watch for OAPs [its words not ours - Ed] that turns into a magnifying glass or touch at the touch of a button.

In what has got to be the ultimate watch gadget, the iBeam watch is a “fast remedy for emergency lighting and deciphering small print.”

Worried that you'll drain the battery faster than you could a bath, the battery-saving device shuts the light off automatically after 30 seconds.

"Now, if you drop your keys at night, can't find the fuse box during a power outage, have trouble finding your seat in a dark theatre or are struggling to read a menu, map, receipt or a label, you've got the solution right on your wrist," says Chris McKay, the inventor. "Oh, and it also tells time!"

According to the company's website one happy customer - a Norbert Castro of San Jose, CA says:

"While working at my office one afternoon, we experienced a power outage. There were no window shades or doors to open to get sunlight, because I work in the basement of our company. I remembered after a few minutes of darkness that I was wearing an iBeam watch. I pressed the light button on and guided a co-worker and I out of our office to safety. Thanks, you'll be on my wrist forever."

The watch also features a magnifying glass that can be accessed at the push of a button so the wearer can check out small print in newspapers, prescription bottles, phone books, craft and needlework, stamps and other collectables.

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