Golfers keen to get the edge over other competitors should look into getting the latest device that promises that extra little help on the fairway.

An Australia company called Tee2Green has launched a new golf ranger that includes a GPS receiver to determine distances around the golf course.

The device is also packed with features like the ability to keep scores, recommend personalized club selection, store up to 10 courses, and download game statistics to a PC.

Called the sureshotgps computes the distance from the golfers location to a pre-surveyed point on the course, such as the center of the green, the sureshotgps can display the distance and suggest an appropriate club. Distances to hazards, boundaries, and other locations on the course can be displayed also.

Because a few meters can make a big difference in club selection, it's important that the GPS receiver get the best signal level out of the available satellites.

sureshotgps is available now for AU$585 (US$399). We are awaiting confirmation from the company to when and if the sureshotgps will be making it to the UK.

We will keep you posted.