It seems that black is the new white, as manufactures clamber over themselves to launch black products in line with Apple's black iPod video and iPod nano models. Two years ago, you wouldn't have been able to convince a blind cat that black was cool, today however it's a different story.

With that in mind, the latest company to follow the trend is Better energy Systems with its solar powered iPod charger the Solio.

The company has announced a black version of its Solio charger in black that promises to charge any iPod using the power of the sun or from the wall.

Adam Thacker, Commercial Director, Better Energy Systems commented “The launch of the black Solio provides a stylish answer to the problems raised by the lack of stand-alone charger with the iPod Nano. Carrying Solio is, after all, much easier than carrying a laptop.”

The full Solio range is available now, prices start from £49.95.