The Royal Navy has launched a new warship that will offer its crew an iPod charging point, a CD player, and internet access in every cabin.

The HMS Daring is the first of six Type 45 Destroyers that come with a £605 million price tag. The 150-metre long vessels will be the most powerful, advanced and deadly warships in the world when they come into service in 2009.

For your £605 million, you'll get a 7350 tonne, 14 deck warship capable of tracing and destroying hostile objects as small a cricket ball travelling at three times the speed of sound several hundred miles away.

Inside and the warship is offering hotel like facilities with each cabin getting an array of technological goodies such as the iPod charger and five radio channels dedicated to the ship.

But why have one, when you can have six? The Royal Navy is already commissioning the building of the second and third ships in the six-ship order - HMS Dauntless, Diamond, Defender, Dragon and Duncan with the ships makers BAE hoping the Navy will increase its order to eight in total.