Pacific Cycle has announced that it has partnered with Montague Inventive Technologies and will begin installing the Montague Wheel Fastening System to the majority of Pacific's 2007MY Schwinn, GT and Mongoose bicycles in the IBD, sporting goods and mass distribution channels.

“I think the Montague System is the greatest advance in wheel removal and retention that the bicycle industry has seen since the invention of the traditional quick release system”, said Pacific Cycle chief executive officer Chris Hornung.

“We believe the Montague System will prove to be easier, safer and more convenient than any system currently on the market and we'll install it on our bikes to provide superior safety and convenience to our customers.”

“The method of installing wheels on bicycles hasn't changed much since the 1920s”, said David Montague, president of Montague Corporation. “The new Montague System lets the cyclist remove a front wheel using only one hand and then simply click it back into place on the bike.”

The Montague System looks like a conventional quick-release system, but it automatically clicks the wheel into the fork and simultaneously locks it into place. This eliminates the awkward operation of the traditional quick-release system, and allows the rider to adjust, secure, or remove the wheel with one hand.

It remains to be seen whether other bike manufacturers will target this as an area for development in the future.