To date, the folding-bike world has been mostly dominated by the Brompton. Commuters have been doing the Brompton-back-wheel flip and scurrying off along the platform, often wearing corduroys and clips. But hold up; times have changed. It's time for a new player in the game of the folding bike, and it comes with the immortal Hummer badge.

Purists will want to know some of the history here: Montague started on folding bikes back in 1987, but received a DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) grant in 1997, with the remit to create a folding bike with the US Marines. The design lead to a folding bike that was great for airborne and recon military use, and a star - the Paratrooper - was born. The publicity and popularity lead to it being popular in civilian circles.

More recently Hummer has got involved with Montague, and is selling a range of Hummer Tactical Folding Bikes, aimed at being the perfect option to throw in the back of the H2 or H3 in case you fancy a cycle. They are available through various outlets, and as various models. Bauer Millett, the UK's only official Hummer supplier has them to buy online. In the US, of course, just pop into your local Hummer dealer. Montague will also sell you one online at their website


In terms of specs, the bike uses a standard MTB wheel, which makes it leagues ahead of most other folders in terms of rideability, and it will pack up to 35 x 26 x 12 inches, which is pretty small, but still a bit of a lump on a packed train. It will weigh in at about 30lbs, but the top of the range will carry in excess of 300lbs, which is a fair amount. They come with front suspension, disc brakes as standard, and are equipped with Shimano components - so you won't need to pull into a Hummer dealer to get it fixed.

The cost? Well, it will set you back £695 from

but readers state-side can pick up a Paratrooper for $645. Ok, its not really going to knock the Brompton as the commuters' choice, but it's a damn fine effort.