It might be devilishly cold outside but Maplin Electronics has launched a new range of clothing with its own in-built central heating system.

Maplin Electronics' new range includes a body warmer and gloves. Both have been designed with new fabric technology that effectively sees heating wire cleverly woven seamlessly into the garments.

The battery operated body warmer and water resistant gloves are designed to heat up to a cosy 40 degrees in just 5 minutes. The zipper on the body warmer also doubles as a compass.

According to Maplin Electronics: "Wearing the body warmer and gloves is like having your own personal central heating system, which is pure genius and means you're in control of your temperature, no matter where you are. With a flick of a switch you can change from being uncomfortably cold to snug and warm in minutes".

The centrally heated body warmer (product code L42BQ) and gloves (product code L52BQ) are available exclusively from Maplin Electronics. The bodywarmer will cost £39.99 while the gloves cost £19.99.