How to look after those expensive technical garments and equipment has always been a problem. Luckily the people at Nikwax have always been there to help out. Their range of products is now more comprehensive than ever before, giving you the chance to pick the right tool for the job.

Head over to their website and you'll find all the information you'll need to choose the right product to wash or waterproof your garments and equipment, whether it be a Gore-Tex jacket, fleece, or a canvas awning or flysheet. The site is simple to use and easily provides information on how and why their products work.

They have also incorporated a quiz on the site, giving you the opportunity to win something from their range of products. The prize is undisclosed, but it is free. Of course, the quiz is aimed at spreading information about Nikwax stuff and we were surprised at how much things had changed since we first used “TX10” in the early-90s.

Tech Wash is the ideal way to wash technical garments such as Gore-Tex jackets, where harsh biological powders contribute to the deterioration of the advanced fabrics used. If you have down-filled gear, the Down Wash will cater for your needs. When it comes to proofing, TX.Direct is often the solution, however, if you want to increase the water-resistancy of a fleece garment, then Polar Proof will do the job.

There are specialised products for different things such as gloves, and an entire range aimed at footwear, catering for all your needs.

Nikwax products are available from all outdoor stockists worth their salt. Check out their website and take the quiz at