Dunlop Green Flash was the approved plimsoll permitted for PT lessons at my school, because of the white non-marking sole. With trends turning ever retro, the Green Flash is looking like hot stuff for 2006.

Most of us remember Green Flash from the late-70s and early-80s, but they were first made famous by Fred Perry, as he wore the shoes when he won the men's singles at Wimbledon in 1935 and 1936. Exactly why I was wearing them in 1982, you'll have to ask my Mother.

Green Flash are now just part of a growing Dunlop range of clothing, including many different versions of the famous trainer and garments all featuring the famous “Flying D” logo.

The success of Green Flash's popularity lies in their simplicity, a far cry from other fashionable brands looking for the latest gimmick to catch your eye; they could be seen as the British equivalent of the Converse All-Stars. In this sense, they appeal uber-trendy bands such as Travis, Razorlight and Keane; they are cool because they are uncool. They have also found a following on the club scene.

I would always complain when Mother provided yet another pair of Green Flash for me to wear: now I'll be heading home for a “told you so”, afterall, she was right to put us in flares, it appears that Tupperware was “really useful” and various shades of brown clothing is the look to aim for. Remember, your Mother is always right, so ask her to get you some Green Flash this summer. You can check out their funky site at