Jens of Sweden has launched a new MP3 player that has plenty of “bling” factor as well as competing directly against Apple's iPod nano.

The new player that sports a 1.6-inch 262k colour screen promises to be shorter than a credit card and thinner than a box of matches (81 x 40 x 13mm) will come in either a 1Gb or 2Gb memory size.

Jens of Sweden MP-500 plays either MP3, WMA and OGG music formats and the video format MPEG4 and is delivered with software that converts and optimises films from all common film formats to MPEG4. The compression allows the 1Gb-model to carry 11 typical 25-minute episodes of a TV-series.

The Jens of Sweden MP-500 also has a watch, an alarm and an FM radio with 24 automatically set stations.

The player can also display pictures and text documents that have been saved in it.

Additionally the MP-500 can download music directly from a stereo, as well as offering USB-host, enabling it to transfer files with another USB-unit.

Battery life is an estimated 15.5 hours for audio and 8 hours for video.

The MP-500 costs around £120 and is available now.

For the ultimate show off there is also a 2Gb Excentrique-edition with a 24 carat gold back side as well (see picture).