Dog treats and treating will never be the same again according to an American dog treat company has launched the SnackShotz Treat Launcher, a gun that fires dog treats.

According to the product website, you just load the SnackShotz with the companies own brand of dog treats called Discos and then watch them and your best friend fly threw the air.

Constructed from “high quality, durable materials” the green and white plastic shooter can launch dog treats up to a suggested 12 feet.

The treats for the shooter are available in three favours - Beef, Chicken and MightyMint.

The company behind the SnackShotz also makes other crazy dog treats including Nachews, and WoofyPop, popcorn for dogs.

The site however doesn't say how much the gun will cost or whether or not it will be available for dog lovers in the UK any time soon.

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