BBC Television is looking for the fittest, boldest male adventurers to compete in eight of the most challenging competitions in the macho world of tribal sport, for a new documentary series called Tribal Games, where believe it or not, six extremely fit, outgoing sportsmen are to be selected to compete in indigenous sporting contests around the world.

The selected contestants will live with the tribal communities prior to the event, train with them, and be taught by them. The contenders might go to Tajikistan to take part in Buzkashi, a game where horse backed riders wrestle over a goat, or to the Amazon to join Amazonian Indians in the indigenous spear throwing, running, and canoeing contests. They will compete against the locals but also against each other.

Sounds interesting? Well don't just read this, you can put yourself forward, or put forward someone you think has got what it takes to tackle the challenge. The BBC is looking for a cross-section of people, so whatever your sporting strengths, you're in with a shot.

If you've got what it takes to race across mountains with indigenous Indians in Mexico, wrestle with fierce Nuba wrestlers in Sudan, compete in traditional stone lifting challenges in Tahiti, or take part in fire throwing contests in the Northern Territories of Australia, this your chance!

If you're over 18 and have a sports skill, OR you know someone else who you think would be perfect for this program, please email for an application form as soon as possible - but hurry, the closing date 3rd February 2006.