Mustek has launched a new portable DVD player aimed at keeping the children in the back of the car quiet on long trips.

The PL8C70 and its accompanying optional second screen the SL8D70 are both 7-inch TFT LCD screens with a 16/9 format.

The PL8C70 plays all major DVD and CD (DVD, DVD+R/RW, DVD-R/RW, DC, CD-R/RW) formats as well as supporting DIVX/MPEG-4 playback and features a SD/MMC card reader, enabling the upload and presentation of photos from digital cameras/phones or other USB devices.

It is also DivX3.11, 4.0 and 5.x compatible and offers varied entertainment “to go“. Two headphone connections allow comfortable film and music enjoyment in private.

At 20 x 15cm, the mobile multimedia centre is even smaller than an A4 page.

The Mustek PL8C70 is available at a recommended retail price of £152.

The PL8D70 when combined with the Mustek PL8C70 DVD player as a second screen for the car, noisy car journeys become a thing of the past.

The monitor measures 20 x 15cm, similar to the DVD player. The aspect ratio can also be adjusted to either 19:6 or 4:3 and two loudspeakers as well as two stereo headphone jacks.

Just as the Mustek PL8C70 DVD player, the monitor comes with a complete set of accessories for flexible power and installation. The monitor is available at an RRP of £81.99.