First it was a Swiss army knife USB key, now the company has launched an MP3 player called the Swiss Bit S.Beat MP3.

Tucked into the slick aluminium looking little Swiss Army Knife from Victorinox is a 1Gb detachable MP3 Player that can store 250 songs.

Split into two parts, the MP3 player and knife are detachable when it comes to travelling on a plane.

The knife has a blade, nail file and scissors and the MP3 player will play MP3, WAV and WMA files, has an FM radio, a voice recorder.

You even get a remote control dongle and an arm-band so you can listen to your tunes when you're jogging.

The device works on both Windows and Mac OS X, and according to the company will give you up to 8 hours on one charge.

The new MP3 player is available from

and costs £99.