Selfridges, the London department store, is to start offering iPod lessons for its customers confused about using the popular MP3 player.

The news comes as a surprise because Apple offers workshops and sessions on how to use the iPod in its Regent Street store just 15 minutes walk away.

Those keen to take part in the 40-minute session will have to pay £65 for the privilege.

A Selfridges spokeswoman said the one-to-one "iPod Survival" sessions, to be launched later this month, have been set up in response to customers who are baffled by the devices.

The lessons, which include subjects like using iTunes, installing and deleting videos, creating playlists and downloading Podcasts, are given either in-store or on a home visit.

Selfridges also offer an expensive ripping service where you can have your CDs loaded on to the music player for £2.50 a disc.

In an interview with Agence France-Presse, The service's manager, Kristina Rate, said the tutorials were set up in response to consumer demand, particularly from children and the over-40s.

"Our guys basically know everything about it by really being interested. There isn't such a thing as an iPod school or an MP3 player course", she said.