Trying to spruce up the wrist watch, has started selling the Ibiza Ride Watch, a £129.99 watch that has forsaken big and little hands for lights instead.

The Ibiza Ride Watch displays the time in a completely unique manner by displaying uses three columns of LEDs to display hours and minutes.

The first column represents hours, the second represents tens of minutes, and the third represents single minutes.

So if seven lights are showing in the first column, two in the second and three in the third, it's 7:23. The whole procedure is supposedly easier than ... er, telling the time.

Reading the date works in the exact same way. The first column represents the month. The second and third columns represent the day.

Gimmick? Maybe, but at least the stainless steel timepiece is water resistant to 30 metres so it won't get ruined when you wear it in the shower.