Every self-respecting sportsman or woman will be looking for the ultimate carrying solution for that Christmas iPod. XtremeMac offer a range of cases for all models of iPod, including the SportWrap, specifically designed for active users.

They come in two different versions - the “fits all iPods” or the iPod nano specific version. Constructed from soft neoprene, it allows access to the clickwheel and display but offers enough protection to be water resistant - essential for keeping out those winter showers.

Both cases come with an adjustable strap that will cater for all arm sizes - the advantage with the nano being that you could wear it down on your wrist. Both cases also provide a solution to the “swinging headphones cord syndrome” by providing a means of securing the excess.

Of course, there are a number of sports arm cases available, including Apple's own offering, and those from Incase.

Both versions retail at $29.99 in the US, or at Apple Stores world-wide.