With obesity levels growing all over the globe one company has created a device that aims to force couch potatoes to exercise.

Called the EnterTrainer, the unit, which is showing at CES in Las Vegas, combines a wireless heart monitor and a universal remote control to force you to power your TV with exercise.

“We designed this unit to get our kids exercising”, said one of the founders of the product.

The wireless fitness device works by sampling your heartrate and then controlling the TV in direct relation to your workout goals. If you fall below the threshold the volume of the television goes down and if you still refuse to get back on track then the TV turns off all together.

The device, about the size of a softball, can be mounted on exercise machines or placed nearby for activities such as push-ups, weight training, jump rope or while exercising to a video routine. Personalized workout levels are calculated based upon user age and workout goals (aerobic, fat burn or cardio) or heart rate target may be set manually.

The EnterTrainer Cardio-TV-Trainer is available online at TheEnterTrainer.com for the suggested retail price of $99. Due to the nature of the device, it currently only works in the US, however the company did say it was working on a UK version for PAL televisions.

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