SanDisk has gone after the iPod nano market by launching the SanDisk Sansa e200 MP3 player with a large colour screen and 6-gigabytes (Gb) of storage capacity.

The company also introduced the Sansa c100, a value-conscious MP3 player with a colour screen and compact size.

The Titanium alloy Sansa e200 series features a slim new design and a 1.8-inch TFT colour screen and will also be available in 2Gb and 4GB models as well as supporting photo video playback. It will have dimensions of 1.7in. wide x 3.5in. long x 0.5in. high (4.4cm wide x 8.9cm long x 1.3cm high).

The player will also feature an FM tuner with on-the-fly recording to save your favourite songs or programs as well as a MicroSD expansion slot for additional memory capacity and support for SanDisk TrustedFlash and gruvi content cards that can be shared with mobile phones.

The Sansa c100 series is for the value-conscious consumer and will come with a 1.2 inch colour screen and in 1Gb and 2Gb versions.

It too will be able to view images on its tiny screen like album art. It will support Microsoft's Play-For-Sure standard and includes an FM digital tuner with 20-channel presets, FM on-the-fly recording and voice-recording capabilities with its built-in microphone.

The new player uses a single AAA battery to power the unit.