WowWee the company that brought us the Robosapien and Roboraptor has unveiled three new robots at the Consumer Electronics show in Las Vegas.

There is a new Robosapien called the RS Media, a new faster more aggressive Roboraptor called the Roboreptile and a new robot based on the technology found in the Segway.

The RS Media Robosapien is an evolved version of the Robosapien VE and adds a full colour LCD display in his chest, speakers in his armour and a head mounted camera to give it multimedia capabilities. Users will be able to transfer stored data via SD card.

The Roborapter is a more agile robot. He has four modes including aggressive, ferocious, passive and tamed. He can be controlled directly, preprogrammed or put into free roam, demo, guard or sleep mode.

The final new robot is the P.E.A.BOT. Standing for Personality Evolved Android the addition of a set of self balancing wheels makes him fast and nippy. WowWee are also stating that this is the first time the technology for the personal transportation device has been licensed to another product. Like Robosapien, the P.E.A.BOT also comes with a colour LCD display.

All three models should be in the shops in time for Christmas in the UK.