If you think you might be getting an iPod nano for this Christmas then perhaps you'll want to invest in an iJacket to spruce it up from the original black or white and protect it at the same time.

NTP (UK) has produced over 71 designs to protect and improve the bland colours of your new MP3 player.

According to the company, the covers are made of a sturdy yet soft PU material and come with a detachable belt clip available for the nano, Mini and iPhoto and detachable lanyard available for the nano and Mini.

The funky designs range from sporting figures to sliced cucumbers and are very vibrant. We especially like the leopard skin one for some reason.

The nano covers also come with free protective shields included in the pack to protect your player's screen. When Apple's player launched earlier this year, the player was criticised for its easily scratching surface.

The iJacket costs £9.99 although the company doesn't tell you how many you get for your cash.