Digital ePaper took a step closer to becoming a reality in the home with the specs of a prototype product being announced this week.

iRex Technologies, a spinoff of Philips, has said that it will be releasing an ePaper device capable of being read as easily and conviently as printed word on paper in April 2006.

The new product called the ER 0100 (codenamed Iliad) is an 8.1-inch ePaper reader with 1024 x 768 resolution and 160dpi fidelity.

Inside the device will feature 400MHz Xscale processor, 64MB of RAM, and 224MB of flash storage (not to mention USB, CF, or SD card storage). It has a touch screen for input and built-in Wi-Fi for connectivity.

According to the company the unit can be easily read outdoors, in sunshine or shadow and has very low power mobile device, specifically designed for reading applications.

iRex is also promising more than a week without recharging, based on an average use of three hours reading a day.

The content can be stored in four different archives (e.g., My newspapers, My books). These archives can be quickly accessed using the archive buttons of the device. Advanced search functions are available to locate the required content quickly and formats the unit currently supports are PDF, XHTML, TXT, and MP3 suggesting that you will be able to read anything on the device.