Terratec has launched a TV Tuner card for the PC that has two DVB-T digital tuners on one single card so you can watch and record at the same time.

The new called the Cinergy 2400i DT (Dual DVB-T) PCI Express receives digital terrestrial television using a conventional aerial and because both tuners internally share the signal, only one single aerial is needed and slots into a PCI Express card slot.

There will be two versions of the Cinergy 2400i DT available.

Cinergy 2400i DT - This version includes Cyberlink PowerCinema 4.5 (TV, Radio, Video and Movie) and allows you to watch a movie in full-screen mode while simultaneously having another program appear in a smaller window. This also allows access to teletext. A remote control is included. RRP £89.99 inc VAT.

Cinergy 2400iDT MCE Edition - Ships with Cyberlink Power DVD 6.0 but does not include Picture in Picture, Teletext or remote control. Ideal for users who want to upgrade their current MCE set up. RRP £74.99 inc VAT.

The Cinergy 2400iDT will be available from January 2006.