What do you get the man who has everything? A 1950s designed vending machine of course.

A UK company has launched a stylised mini fridge called the ‘Drink-O-Matic' that will chill and then dispense canned drinks (soft or alcoholic) at a touch of a button.

Styled to look like something out of a 1950 diner movie, the classical American retro shape and ‘Ferrari red' colour is supposedly guaranteed “to get your mates drooling!”

According to the press release “they hold more drinks than the usual mini-fridges, are easy to fill and the cans drop into eager hands at the touch of a button.”

The Drink-O-Matic is available in two designs, a slim 10 can version or a double stacked 12 can dispenser for those with a touch more space.

The fridges will be priced at £116 for the 10 can and £151 for the 12 can version.

The Drink-O-Matic is available at John Lewis, Debenhams as well as being able to be bought online at wikidgifts.com.