Launching at CES in January next year, the loc8tor is a James Bond style homing device that allows you to tag items like your keys, wallet or laptop so you can find them again when you need to under the melee of rubbish and junk that builds up in your house.

Working in a similar way to those old key whistle devices, but in a much more high-tec fashion, the Loc8tor works by attaching postage sized tags measuring 19.5mm W x30.5mm H x 8.5mm D to each item and then registering them with your loc8tor.

loc8tor will be available in two different models. The loc8tor pack is priced at £59.99 and helps you find mislaid items that you've tagged. The loc8tor Plus pack is priced at £99.99, includes both Locate and Alert modes and includes a panic tag that can be worn by a child, pet or dependent.

The Alert mode can be set to notify you when an item has left a set of predefined boundaries. Using the on screen display (akin to Aliens) the loc8tor will help you find it by providing directional, audio, visual, and vibration cues, guiding you to within 1 inch of the item.