A digital version of the King James Bible so devotees can carry it around with them wherever they go has been launched.

Housed in a USB key, the Complete And Beautiful King James Translation of The Holy Bible can be read on any computer or laptop.

Designed to look like a miniature bible complete with leather look and gold detail and chain, the device features a sliding switch on the rear of the bible slides out to expose the usb interface plug.

Users can plug the unit into any Windows PC USB port, however the word of the Lord is not available to Mac or Win 98 users.

All 66 books of the Bible are included on the flash drive. With users able to access any part of the text via a search function.

The King James Version (KJV) is an English translation of the Holy Bible, commissioned for the benefit of the Church of England at the behest of King James I of England. First published in 1611, it has had a profound impact not only on most English translations that have followed it, but also on English literature as a whole. The works of famous authors such as John Bunyan, John Milton, Herman Melville, John Dryden, and William Wordsworth are replete with inspiration apparently derived from the King James Version. The King James Version has deeply influenced Bibles such as the English Revised Version, the New American Standard Bible, and the Revised Standard Version. The only Bible which can legitimately be called a "revision" is the New King James Version, since it is based on the same Greek texts — the Textus Receptus.

Though often referred to as the Authorised Version (AV), it was never officially sanctioned by the English monarchy or the clerical hierarchy of the Church of England. It is no longer in copyright in most parts of the world but is under perpetual Crown Copyright in the United Kingdom. The King James Version, despite its age, is largely comprehensible to the average reader today. It is considered to be an instrumental founding block of Early Modern English, and remains one of the most widely read literary works of all time.

The digital bible costs $29.95 (£17.19) and can be purchased from