I like pink. I have pink shoes, pink nail varnish, and even spent a certain, ill-advised, period of time with pink hair. However, I do not require everything I own to be pink, or even a pastel shade of some other colour.

Nor do I require everything I own to make use of diamante, have an inbuilt mirror, or come in a ‘Hello Kitty' variety. In short, I have come to terms with the fact that I am not Paris Hilton, and never will be.

The gadgets I covet look good, and (I imagine to the horror of gadget marketing bods the world over) I'm pretty sure this isn't gender-specific. Take the RAZR. I loved it in silver. I really loved in black. I saw it in pink, and I almost bought it for my 14-year-old sister.

And the world of marketing gadgets to women has just got a whole lot stranger. A mobile phone that squirts perfume when it rings, anyone? I've got a million questions for the man in the Far East that came up with this one. The first one is, inevitably, why?

It's easy to get sucked into the dark side. In fact, I spent a short amount of time considering getting a mobile phone covered in flowers, and then the sales assistant mentioned it came with its very own bio-rhythm calculator. There are certain things I don't want my friendly neighbourhood mugger to know about me when he relieves me of my phone. My ‘bio-rhythm' is one of them.

Come January, I will become a permanent resident of eBay, waiting to snap up those unwanted Christmas presents at ludicrously cheap prices (yes, I'm the one bidding at 4 am). So what am I looking for? A digital radio that has an auxiliary input so that I can plug in my mp3 player. Some headphones that cut out the noise of other commuters updating their mates on their journey progress. A mobile phone with a decent camera, so I can ditch my digital camera from my handbag (leaving room for such essentials as lip gloss and packets of tissues).

The point is, I want my gadgets to make my life better. I know how to research different products. Google is my friend. I can even go into a Dixons on my own.

Say it with me - I am a girl. I like gadgets. I am no longer seduced by style, when the substance is missing.

After a few mistakes, I have learnt that a one night stand is no replacement for a long-term relationship.