Over the next few weeks Brits are predicted to spend on average £450 each on Christmas presents this year.

A poll of over 1,500 people aged 10-30 years by found that 78% of consumers will buy Christmas gifts that say more about their own personality than their friends and family. 48% predicted that they would spend on average £450 on the family's Christmas presents alone - excluding friends.

Men are more giving at Christmas with 70% stating that they would be spending over £140 on a present for her, whilst 80% of women claimed that they would only be parting on average £90 on a present for him.

Only 10% of those surveyed admitted that they would be buying his/her boss a Christmas present, with only 65% spending more than £15 on the gift.

However, the nation seems to be more generous towards themselves, with 56% of those surveyed admitting to buying themselves a ‘love me too gift' whilst out shopping for others, with the average cost being £30.

The survey also highlighted three main categories of present buyer.
It says there are the “Genuine Gift Givers”, (65%) who genuinely take pleasure in the gift buying experience and painstakingly focus in every detail on the person they are buying for to ensure the gift suits the receiver.

Next comes the “Show-Offs”, (25%) who simply splash the cash in vast amounts as a means to show off to a select audience around the Christmas tree, rather than thinking of what the receiver would actually like to be given.

Lastly comes the “Trend Setter”, (10%) who loves to be at the cutting edge of new trends, whether it be music, technology or fashion. This category type will only buy the latest gadget, accessory or ‘in-thing' to demonstrate their knowledge, simply not taking into account the fact that the receiver may not actually need or like the item.

The survey also showed people living in the Capital are the most generous spending on average £550 on family and friends, followed by Scotland with £460, the Midlands £440, Wales £420, lastly followed by the North with £380.

The survey was conducted by Xingtone, a mobile phone ringtone application that allows you to make your own mobile phone ringtones.