is bringing Mr Soccer, the world's first multi-player robot football game, to the UK.

The hi-tech football game which costs £34.95 features radio-controlled robots and the idea is to use your r/c controller to manoeuvre the dribbling droids forward, backwards, left, right and shoot to score more goals than your opponent.

Mr Soccer ships with two robots, pitch, balls and goals but you will need Abramovich's riches to buy more. Additional Mr Soccer robots will cost you £14.95 each and you can buy up to seven per team as long as you've got the cash to afford it.

The agile androids come in England and Brazil colours, so you can make "Micro Owen" or "Roboto Carlos" and have the ability to spin 360 degrees. Each R2D2-esque robot comes complete with a variety of different sized boots to cater for different skill levels.

There is even a warm-up arena to help you train - simply flip the pitch over and perfect your robotic runs around a special maze or compete one-on-one in the sumo ring.