First Dell, now Sayno wants a piece of the MP3 player pie. The company announced today that it will be launching a pocket sized MP3 player with 6GB hard drive and up to 12 hours playback time called the HDP-M3000.

Decribed as “tiny, white and with easy-to-use ergonomic central large circular button” you would be mistaken for thinking its connected to the iPod in any way.

Rather than automatically sort files for you, it seems you have to do that yourself, although only up to a maximum of 256 separate album folders.

The SANYO HDP-M3000 measures 9 x 5 x 2cm (approx.) and weighs 87 grams. A full dot matrix LCD display with ID3-tag clearly provides information such as what track is now playing, which volume setting is chosen, which directory the song is chosen from and how much of the track has been played.

The player supports MP3 and WMA formats.