The man behind the Furby and Poo-Chi has created an MP3-connectable interactive toy which is destined to hoot, rap, jiggle, burp and fart his way into the hearts of music lovers everywhere.

Know simply as iZ this 9in tall, poseable, animatronic boom box has a blobby belly balanced on bendy tripod legs and interactive, touch-sensitive belly button controls.

According to the blurb:

“iZ has a unique way of expressing his own, very individual sense of music style, with a glowing trumpet-shaped horn, moving eyes and protruding ears, which can be tweaked, cranked and twiddled to generate gyrating sounds and blastin' beats”

Connecting to an i-Pod or any other MP3 player, iZ can be used to create three personalised rhythm tracks using seven different sounds and beats or as a portable speaker unit which reacts to individually created, downloaded tunes.

Available this Autumn priced around £29.99, iZ comes in three colours: brash blue, raging red or go-getting green.