When it comes to love, life and the meaning of the universe a computer has to be involved. Worst than that one in five Brits say they could not survive if their digital or computer technology was taken away from them.

According to a survey carried out my Intel, British people would feel the biggest loss if technology no longer existed with 54% saying their lives would change dramatically.

Compare this to the rest of Europe and Sweden would be the second most affected (41%) and the least consternation would be felt in Italy, where only 30% said their lives would change dramatically.

The report also shows that 81% of Britain's categorise themselves as comfortable with technology, enthusiastic about new innovations and keen to surround themselves with technology.

This is a dramatic shift in consumers' attitudes, considering that five years ago 37% of Brits were hesitant and apprehensive about technology. Today that figure has more than halved to 18%.

Other finding in the survey found that when looking for romance, nearly one in five (18%) say that being able to text or email made them more confident in making the first move.

Additionally 7% or over a million Britain's use Internet dating services, with the under 30s (12%) being more enthusiastic than other age groups.