If you Mobile phone, Mp3 player or other gadgets don't not suit your bling bling styling help maybe at hand.

Crystalskins.co.uk, a UK website, promises to tart up your favourite gadget within three to five days making you the belle of the ball.

Using Swarovski crystals and UV special drying crystal cement, the company will cover any gadget in the shiny stones.

Alternatively you can even buy kits so you can do it yourself. The kits include crystals in whichever colours you choose and the crystal cement.

If in the unlikely event a crystal becomes, dislodged once the company have returned your item to you, you can re affix it with one of the spares we will send you in your care kit, a tiny dab of superglue will ensure it stays on.

Prices will vary depending on what item you wish to cover. However, the site currently quotes around £60 for a mobile phone and around £100 for an iPod.

The service also offers you the chance to customise a whole host of other items from hairbrushes to lighters and even a pair of trainers.