O'Neill has announced the launch of what it claims is the first all-weather water repellent denim that will mean you'll never get wet legs again wearing jeans.

The jeans which will be apart of its Fall/Winter 05/06 collection, has been treated with Nextec's EPIC technology that encapsulates the individual cotton fibres with everlasting silicone.

This advanced textile technique ensures that the denim remains as breathable as your regular cotton denim whilst harnessing the water repellent qualities of performance fabrics; regardless of how many times they are washed.

O'Neill is has used the new denim range - called Renegade Denim, to produce snowboard pants by incorporating the option of a detachable lining so you can wear them on the slopes and stay both warm and dry, remove the lining and wear them on the street.

The O'Neill Renegade will be available in two styles. The snowboard specific model incorporates the detachable lining, while the second is designed for more urban pursuits and is bought without the lining.

They will be available in all good snowboarding stores throughout Europe from the beginning of October 2005.